A Look Inside “This Is Mars” – Unseen Photography From The Red Planet

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If you’re fascinated by the idea of space exploration but unable to travel 250 Million miles to these beautiful and uninhabitable planets to explore their vast landscapes, here’s one that might tide you over.

New York based non-profit foundation Aperture have produced This Is Mars, a 272 page hardback filled with unseen images from the fascinating landscape of the Red Planet. The book features panoramic shots sent back by the United States Observation Satellite which has been mapping the surface since 2006, all compiled and edited by French designer Xavier Barral. “Conceived as a visual atlas, the book takes the reader on a fantastic voyage—plummeting into the breathtaking depths of the Velles Marineris canyons; floating over the black dunes of Noachis Terra; and soaring to the highest peak in our solar system, the Olympus Mons volcano. The search for traces of water also uncovers vast stretches of carbonic ice at the planet’s poles.” Available from Amazon for $65.

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