Auto October, 7 2013

Designer Michael Young Updates The Moke 4×4 Vehicle

The Moke, a 4×4 without all the extraneous details like doors, windows and such, makes a return with an updated look from British born, Hong-Kong based designer Michael Young. An all terrain vehicle that found popularity in the ’70s and ’80s with the tagline ‘no doors, no roof, no worries, ’ 20 years out of production it has been given a new lease of life courtesy of Chinese manufacturers Chery Motors.  Originally conceived as a light-weight military vehicle, limited number of the new Moke will be released, primarily in Australia where both climate and terrain will be a perfect match for what is essentially a robust golf cart (now equipped with an Esky ice cooler inside the boot.) A great bit of niche car design, head to the gallery for a closer look.