Books & Magazines October, 16 2013

A Look Inside Article Magazine Issue 2

Following on from our introduction to Article magazine a few months back, we now take a look inside Issue two. Focused on all things British without the flag waving smugness, this issue explores the balance between tradition and technology, with Hancock giving their take on marrying the two in their fine outerwear, a photo essay featuring London’s local barbershops, illustrations from Howard Tangye, artist Rose Wylie and her large scale paintings, a moment to think about Tea, the darker side of children’s author Beverley Nichols, plenty of smart editorials and Aidan ‘The Kindly Vampire’ Turner on the cover. As with issue one, all beautifully packaged and put together, a quality journal, clearly designed with love. Head to the gallery for a look inside and buy your copy here or at your local quality newsagents.