Look Inside this Warehouse-Turned-Loft in Monza, Italy

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This luxurious all-white loft in Monza, Italy, was initially a warehouse, hence its mind-bogglingly high ceiling. The open atrium and second-story windows enhance the occupant’s experience with natural light incoming and reflecting off the white walls. The interior is accented by contrasting black stairs that lead up to the bedroom and bathroom that have floor-to-ceiling glass views of the open living room below. Browse the gallery for the breathtaking look inside.

  1. Source: Yellowtrace
  2. Photography: Joachim Wichmann
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  • Antonio

    In Italy turn a warehouse to a Loft is so difficult, the fastest way is declare your home like an office but anyway you can’t officially live inside this kind of apartment.. so, it’s maybe illegal or it’s just a design showroom home.

  • Shoshanna M

    So selectism whats up with your bad architecture posts? They used to be good in Spring / Summer – now they are increasingly boring. All with text that has been summarized from another link. It’s one thing to use content from another site, but you used to make these cool. Now I feel like I’m reading some kind of boring architecture journal.