Baxter of California for Union Made CNG Bar Soap

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Baxter of California and Unionmade team up once again to produce an American crafted bar of soap dubbed “CNG.” The gentlemany scented bar is presented in smoke grey, infused with notes of mandarin lime, black pepper, amber and citrus on top of a woody base, that all compliment the floral violet accord. The soap is available directly through Baxter’s online shop for $20.

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  • nicholas1987

    If it wasn’t made by a union why is it called Union Made? Stooopid.

    • Don’t know

      If your computer isn’t a fruit why is it called apple? So dumb!

      • nicholas1987

        It’s really not the same logic at all. One is false advertising. Apple isn’t claiming their computers are made out of fruit, but Unionmade tries to posture that their products are “Union made” which by definition they aren’t. But whatever, go buy it if $20 soap makes you feel a little better about yourself.

        • Mike

          It’s named that because they strive to source items made in the United States, AKA “The Union.” Of course your logic might apply to the fact that they carry items produced in Japan, for example, but it has absolutely nothing to do with being “made by a union.” In other words, shut up.

          • nicholas1987

            You can make up whatever bizarre rationalization you want, regardless they aren’t made by a union and yet pretend to be. False advertising gimmickry.