The Real McCoy Offer Their Take On Brown’s Beach Vest

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There are plenty of labels out there taking a shot at early twentieth century favourite the salt and pepper Brown’s Beach Vest, and with original versions of the ‘weatherproof’ 70/30 wool, cotton mix gem still relatively hard to find, the repros just keep coming. RRL, Kapital, Human Made and John Lofgren have all taken their turn and here we get a look at Real McCoy’s take on the classic. Featuring a similar wool/cotton mix, this example keeps the contrast piping, rounded pockets and snap buttons and features cinch back and a darker colour mix more in line with earlier versions of the garment. Find one here.

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  • Mick

    One of the coolest iterations of Brown’s Beach Cloth is a jacket from Sugar Cane of Japan. The body is Beach Cloth and the arms are horsehide leather. Damn impressive. I got mine on sale at (who will also carry Real McCoys and John Lofgren) and I’ve been in love ever since. Great stuff Beach Cloth.