Look Inside the “Cubic Voids” of Villa Kanousan in Honshu Island, Japan

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With the seemingly ordinary cube-like structure sitting on a humble hillside of Honshu Island, Japan, you might not guess that the interior of this Villa Kanousan is the farthest thing from ordinary. Yuusuke Karasawa architects designed this small two-story weekend house with the theme of “cubic voids,” cutting out geometric shapes out of the walls at different angles and sizes. This wasn’t only to add a visually interesting dynamic or to give occupants vertigo, but it was also to “redefine privacy” and establish “strong connections between the rooms. Even when the doors are closed, thresholds between rooms are constantly open,” making this abode extremely intimate and special. Browse the gallery for the dizzying look inside.

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  1. Source: Design Boom
  2. Photography: Koichi Torimura
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