Todd Snyder and Champion Store Opening in SoHo, New York

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The collaboration between Todd Snyder and Champion continues with their new store opening in New York’s SoHo district. Although they’ve been working together for quite some time — their first collaboration launched last July – the SoHo store has only been in the works for one month, with the brands setting up shop in a matter of two weeks. Pittsburgh’s Acre Design conceptualized the space furnished by ABC Carpet & Home‘s RAW Vintage Industrial collection, scouring all the chairs, shelves and tables from old gymnasiums and other hard-to-reach places. Old issues of Sports Illustrated, Everlast boxing gear, Shinola bicycles and Todd Snyder’s own collection of vintage collegiate sweatshirts decorate the eclectic store. A customized Stephen Kenn couch caps off the furnishings, all of which are also for sale.

Todd Snyder has plans to open more stores, including a tailor shop that we’re looking forward to. In the meantime, you can visit the Champion store at 242 Elizabeth Street, New York, when it opens tomorrow.

Photography: Thomas Welch/

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