Meet Helvetica, The Perfume: The Scent of Nothing

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“Air. Water. You.” This is the essence of Helvetica, the Perfume, a new limited edition product from Oakland, CA’s Guts & Glory creative group headed by Meg Paradise & Faun Chapin. The duo seem to love Helvetica and worked to bring the simplicity of the ubiquitous typeface into a bottle in the purest form possible: distilled water. You read right: Helvetica, the Perfume contains 2oz. of distilled water. How else would you interpret Helvetica?

Helvetica, the Perfume arrived in a 24k gold printed bottle typeset in Helvetica Bold. The limited-edition bottle comes packaged in a numbered, letter-pressed box and is available now for $62.

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  • Jack Jacobsonian

    Hahaha, this is genius. It’s then. And now. And the future.

    • k

      genius my ass, this is bullshit

  • Paulinho


  • Jim

    Stop insulting the art of frag and type. This is one of the most terrible product I have seen in my life. cheap bottle probably mass produced in China that cost less than 2 dollars. Put water inside and there u have it!