Fashion December, 5 2013

A First Look At Levi’s Vintage Clothing Spring Summer 2014

Levi’s Vintage Clothing returns for Spring Summer 2014 with a collection centred around the 1939 World’s Fair, also known as the ‘Golden Gate International Exposition.’ In what sounds like an incredible event, a man-made ‘Treasure Island’ was built in the middle of San Francisco bay to house the oddball annual gathering, a global celebration of trade, industry, art, culture and in this specific case the city’s two new bridges; San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge. Levi’s, an established American brand flourishing in their SF hometown and beyond, made their presence known with a fantastical all-electric mechanical rodeo featuring 31 wooden puppets modelled on real-life rodeo stars and kitted out in mini Levi’s outfits. To celebrate the 75th anniversary of what the label describes as a “far-out moment,” the costumes worn by these carved creations have been recreated in a collection that celebrates the lighter side of Levi’s heritage. Seeing the line up-close we can’t wait to get our midcentury puppet on. Of course, alongside you’ll also find the usual LVC goodness for Summer 2014, classic denim with the 501 returning once again, more colourful goodness from Orange Tab as well as a limited-edition project involving a very special Levi’s customer. More on that to come. For now, head to the rodeo in our gallery.