Auto December, 16 2013

Mercedes-Benz Reveals Larger & Lighter 2015 C-Class Sedan

Mercedes-Benz reveal a larger take on the C-Class for 2015. More passenger and trunk space, its expanded rear-end has not been matched with an increase in weight, now 100kg lighter than previous versions thanks to the aluminum hybrid body. This of course means more efficient fuel consumption (up to a 20% decrease) and, with a lower centre of gravity, an improvement in handling. Looks-wise, the new C-class takes its cue from the S-Class with the interior similar in layout and style to the CLA. Three choices for the European market, a diesel and two petrol (C 180 and C 200), and either a two or three litre for the U.S market, the vehicle is rumoured to debut at next month’s Detroit Auto Show. Head to the gallery for a closer look.