See the Sprawled Box “House O” in Hokkaido, Japan

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This one-story House O in a small town of Hokkaido, Japan, was strategically planned according to the site’s climate and topographic properties. Unconventional to Japan’s usually dense and narrow architecture, House O is made up of box-like structures that are widely spread out on the unpopulated landscape. The orientation of the boxes are thought out with path circulation in mind, giving the center living room the highest ceiling, with other spaces branching out from it. The pockets of spaces also control the internal temperature during the region’s extreme climates, exposing the many surface sides to sunlight in the winter and aiding in ventilation in the summer. Unlike the all-black exterior, the interior is all white with natural timber, brightening and visually opening the space for the occupants.

  1. Source: Design Boom
  2. Photography: Iwan Baan
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  • Alex

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  • Mochi

    Hokkaido is not a ‘small town’. It’s Japan’s second largest island and the largest and of Japan’s 47 prefectures.