Food & Beverages January, 5 2014

Japanese Drinking Accessories From Futagami and Keita Suzuki

The combination of a strong sense of tradition and incredible craftsmanship bring us back to Japanese products time and time again. These two pieces are no exception, both showing beautifully worked materials and flawless precision. With over 100 years in the metal crafting business, Futagami shows off their skills with the ‘Waku’ (Japanese for frame) brass bottle opener. Designed by the award winning Japanese artist, Masanori Oji, the opener is made from 100% brass, which is sure to becoming even more stunning with age.

The Fujiyama beer glass was designed by Keita Suzuki, its form a nod to Mount Fuji. Suzuki’s vision was to create a glass that, when full, resembled the mountain with the beer’s head acting as the snow covered point. The glass is handblown by Sugahara Glassworks and comes in a solid paulownia wood box, similar packaging to traditional Japanese tea cups. Available for purchase here and here, head to the gallery for more.