Fashion January, 6 2014

A First Look – Hancock Outerwear For Fall Winter 2014

British outerwear brand Hancock offer up a first look at their Fall Winter 2014 outerwear. Best known for their modern ‘Vulcanised Articles’ the brand takes its names from Thomas Hancock who worked with Charles Macintosh in the early 1800s to create tough, weatherproof cloths. For next Winter the label introduces hand-knit trims to their rubber-bonded coats, detachable collars and cuffs in silk and mohair. Based on the Gansey, fitted, heavy duty knitwear worn by fisherman, this traditional form varied from family to family, village to village, with their tight fit designed to prevent clothing getting caught in equipment. Another new addition, the ‘Sea-Hood’ sees more nautical references, “an article invented by Thomas Hancock originally intended for fishermen, this article can be worn over or under a garment as a simple rain hood.” Head to the gallery for more and check the site for the full line-up.