Fashion January, 9 2014

Spiewak Celebrates 110 Years Of Hardworking Outerwear

Unveiling its Fall Winter 2014 collection across the tradeshows, with Maurizio Donadi taking over as creative director, Spiewak gets a shiny new website to celebrate 110 years in the business. Founded in 1904,  Isaac Spiewak opened his first store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn producing handmade sheepskin vests for local waterfront workers. Their tough wearing garments soon earned them a reputation and the company became military suppliers during two World wars as well as kitting-out emergency response services across the country. Functional became fashionable and the garments which were designed to protect those in serious situations soon found favour among everyday wearers. Today the brand launches Spiewak Golden Fleece, a collection which offers a nod to these civilian crossover items, including regular versions of the ever-popular USN N1, snorkel N3B and MA1 bomber. Donadi describes “the new Spiewak is an exercise in utility and simplicity. It’s a perfectly modern expression that fits the way people live now.” For more on these items and the label head to the gallery and press play below.