“Brandy & Coke” – Ewen Spencer On The UK Garage Scene

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Brandy & Coke    Ewen Spencer On The UK Garage Scene

Some proper nostalgia from photographer/filmmaker Ewen Spencer, Brandy & Coke via Dazed Digital takes us back to the ’90s and the heyday of the UK Garage scene (#ukgaragescene) when overpriced champagne, Versace jeans and belly tops were all you needed for a good weekend. Looking back at the big nights from Cookies & Cream to Twice as Nice, Spencer speaks to a couple of scene legends, MC Creed and Mike ‘Ruff Cut’ Lloyd to find out how it all began and where it all went wrong (we’re looking at you, Ayia Napa). This might just be the best 8 minutes of your day. Press play and grab a copy of Spencer’s photographic tribute UKG, here.

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  • Burtonwode

    Fantastic work. I remember when I came down from Liverpool when I was about 16 and going to a Garage Club with one of my London mates. Deffo a southern thing. Sweet like chocolate was playing, before it had hit the charts!! Classic!!