Fashion February, 12 2014

Norwegian Rain Fall/Winter 2014 Featuring Two New Styles

One of many new rainwear brands to emerge in the past few years, Norwegian Rain take a  different route to their bad-weather brothers, moving away from the simple, unfussy cut we’ve all come to recognising, proposing something a little different. Concentrating on tailoring and silhouette, bespoke tailor T-Michael brings an extra layer of interest to protective clothing. This season two new coats appear, The Moscow and Rive Gauche,  both step into new territory offering something equipped to deal, not just with rain, but harsh winds and hard winters. The brief: “How to make a jacket that will keep you warm and comfortable no matter how biting cold it is, and in a stylistic way,” resulted in the use if an advanced thermal system. Raw wool fibers with a small amount of ‘natural polyester’ derived from corn creates a lightweight but extremely effective barrier against the cold, thinner but warmer coats the result with Icelandic shearling wool around the collar finishing both new coats off. Check out the lookbook in our gallery.