Gitman Vintage For Journal Standard Spring/Summer 2014 – Seven Print Shirts

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Journal Standard interpret the classic Gitman Vintage button down shirt seven ways in this Spring/Summer 2014 capsule collection. The Japanese label selects simple prints and patterns including stars, polka dots and stripes, applying them to a tailored cut. Sticking to trustworthy blues and whites, the mixed pattern offering above has us feeling all kinds of emotions, distilling the whole line into one spot-on shirt. See the line in our gallery.

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  • MSOLdn

    I am an oldster who used to dress “preppy” in the mid-1960s, and then felt that button-down collars ceased to be stylish by around 1968. The fabrics of these shirts look beautiful, but I’d be much more likely to buy one if they did not have button-down collars. I guess that the “vintage” look does not necessarily have appeal to this old fart!

    • StreetZombie

      You can always unbutton the collar. Thom Brown does that all the time on his button down collar shirts. It’s more important if you like the color, pattern and fit. P.S. never too old for fashion. Cheers!