Fashion February, 17 2014

S.E.H Kelly Herringbone Twill Indigo Cotton SB1 Jacket

A herringbone twill indigo cotton woven in Hackney, East London no less, S.E.H Kelly continue to use some exceptional fabrics to produce their exceptional clothing. Created using a rather hardcore method, we’re told “the most exhaustive way to dye cloth: cotton is dipped again and again in indigo dye until saturated to its core” resulting in an intense blue. Handwoven with off-white cotton in a herringbone-stylee, the finished product is light, breathable and crease resistant. The one button SB1 blazer features more detail than we can list here, but strengthened stress points, contrast pocket lining and neat little button loops should give some sense of the care and time taken to perfect each product. Find yours here.