Fashion February, 21 2014

NEUBAº – Contemporary Handwoven Menswear – England Via India

NEUBAº appreciate the beauty of a great piece of fabric, making textures, weaves and spot-on color choices the starting point for their line. Working between England and India, the means are just as important as the end to these guys, they explain “our ambition is to create long-lasting, sustainable relationships with traditional craftsmen, and to be proud and transparent about the people we work with at home and abroad.” Collaborating with weavers overseas, the product is centred around what they call “tactile texture,” creating fabrics with interesting and unique structures on traditional hand-looms, introducing another dimension to their collection. Here we take a look at Spring/Summer 2014, shirting taking precedence with plenty of color and cuts to choose from. Ones to most definitely watch, head to the gallery.