Fashion March, 6 2014

Cilantro + Ginger Celebrate “The Unfamiliar Neighbor” With Fall/Winter 2014

New York-based newcomer Cilantro + Ginger, from designer Zhang Qingyun, present an impressive take on Fall/Winter 2014 with this small but perfectly formed collection of contemporary clothing. Approaching menswear with a tongue-in-cheek vibe, the line is based around a fictional, loner neighbour, an unfamiliar character whose closet contains just four shirts “clean, but rarely ironed.” Qingyun continues “every now and then you encounter him outside the corner store. He holds a plastic Thank You bag. He wears white, head-to-toe. You never say hello.” We all know this guy, right. The resulting range includes expertly cut polin shirts, pleated wool trousers and modern takes on the sweatshirt, Fall 2014 employing three tops choices of subtle print centered around a black, white and grey colour scheme. Photography by Young Professionals, styling from Jiao Xiang, see the lookbook in our gallery.