Fashion March, 19 2014

Pilgrim Surf + Supply Launch First “Pilgrim” Collaboration Collection

Brooklyn’s Pilgrim Surf + Supply launch a line of collaborative goods bringing in Kletterwerks, Battenwear, Engineered Garments, Vans, Oakley and Gramicci. Recently launched in NYC as well as a three month residency at BEAMS Tokyo, a selection of duel label pieces will include classic Van Doren Vans, surf shorts, backpacks, anoraks and sunglasses. The brand describe the line as “pieces for wear in the city, the wilderness, and for travel, constructed with the heartiness of a workwear piece,” all part of a wider Pilgrim collection, you’ll also be able to grab yourself plenty of own label sweats, tees and outerwear. Keep an eye on the site for more and view the collection in our gallery.