Design March, 20 2014

The Details – Smiley Face Screws by Studio Yumakano & Komuro

As much as we like a high-spec gadget or overcomplicated jacket, sometimes it’s the small things that really cheer us up. This project from Japanese designers Studio Yumakano and Komuro Manufacturing of Osaka is a prime example. Turning an everyday item into something upbeat, the duo create smiley face screws that can be used in replacement of your usual. They describe “Since its invention, the screw hasn’t changed its style and function. Actually, it’s never needed to change at all…by adding the joy of discovery, the concept of the design is the enjoyment of sharing, the joy of discovering small surprises with others.” Investigating how the ordinary can elicit a positive reaction, whether big or small, the company remind us that design is all about user response as well as pure functionality. See the screws and their cheerful custom screwdriver in detail over in the gallery.