Art March, 21 2014

Geoff McFetridge Shows New Work – Meditallucination at V1 Gallery

Multifaceted artist, Geoff McFetridge, has become a bit of a household name over the last few years. That is, if you live in a household that frequents The Standard in Hollywood (where his illustrations graced the walls of the Warby Parker shop in the lobby) and do their shopping at Jack Spade (where he designed pieces in the Fall 2013 line), which sounds like a household much cooler than mine. You get the idea. He’s been doing alright for himself. Now we see more of his design genius at the V1 Gallery in Copenhagen, where he will premier latest exhibition entitled MEDITALLUCINATION. With these pieces, McFetridge plays with ‘tightrope between figuration and abstraction’. Here he practices skills in creating something quite minimal, but with the power to convey a vast array of stories or interpretations, depending on the mind and imagination of the viewer. The exhibition begins today. Take a peak at the gallery for some of the pieces.

Meditallucination – V1 Gallery in Copenhagen, 21 March – 26 April