Architecture April, 28 2014

Casa Narigua – The Stacked Mexican Home with Incredible Mountain Views

Located in El Jonuco, North Mexico, Casa Narigua from P+0 Arquitectura features one of the most stunning vistas we’ve come across in our mission to seek out the best homes from around the globe. 360-degree views across verdant mountain landscape, the house seemingly floats above ground, elevated in order to limit damage to the surrounding ecosystem. Three stacked levels at various angles, the house offers numerous verandas and terraces, the generous amount of glass used across the build allowing you to take in the outside from the kitchen, bedrooms and living areas. Typical of traditional Mexican architecture, the Casa combines thick walls, flat roofs and timber beams, the interior bringing together antique and contemporary furniture and objects from the region. “A stone work humbly placed in an impressive landscape,” head to the gallery to see the impressive Casa Narigua and its breathtaking views for yourself.