Videos May, 12 2014

The Making of the Beautiful RUDO Y NOBLE Axe – A Journey Across Spain

Do you need an axe? We’re guessing that’s a no from most of you. One of those manly-man objects that keep popping up, something to display to at least give the impression that you’ve visited a forest or started a fire from scratch. However, the power of a beautifully produced short shouldn’t be underestimated. This film from RUDO Y NOBLE, “a new line of goods for work and enjoyment,” follows the journey of an axe as it travels across Spain through the hands of the various makers involved. A woodworker in the Basque region of Guipuzcoa, a third generation blacksmith a few kilometres up the road, a wood finisher in Castile and León, a carver in Sierra of Avila and finally a leather shop in Madrid who produce a beautiful holder to keep your blade safe. Press play below and get hold of one over here.