Shoes May, 28 2014

Handmade Vegetable-Tanned Leather Sandals from California’s Cydwoq

Having stumbled across Cydwoq via South2West8, we take a closer look at the line from the Burbank, California brand. Headed up by Rafi Balouzian, the creative director’s family have been hand-making shoes since the early 1900s, a young Balouzian following his father on trips to Italy and France tracking down the best leathers possible. The current line has a raw, unfinished feel, reminiscent of some of the tough footwear from the likes of Yuketen and Russell Moccasin. The unusual, architectural styles made from Italian vegetable-tanned leather are said to be the only all leather shoes with the insole and outsole contoured to the shape of the foot, designed to aid comfort and wearability. They’re odd and we like them. See more in the gallery.