Architecture June, 23 2014

The Workshop – An Award-Winning Industrial Home/Studio Space in North London

A look inside a home located just across the road, our neighbours at “The Workshop” are moving on, allowing us to take a look around the space via the good folks at The Modern House. Featured on UK television programme “Grand Designs,” a series following the traumatic process of building your own home, happy ending and that final moment of smug glory, “The Workshop” was a particularly difficult project, placed slap bang in the middle of a row of Victorian houses in the highly populated borough of Camden. The result is something quite amazing. Designed by Henning Stummel, hidden behind unassuming warehouse doors, the team have created  “a soaring live/work space,” performing near miracles given the tight squeeze and close proximity to fellow residents. Open plan for the most part, three bedrooms, utility room, study, courtyard, kitchen/living space and the rest, all contained in a vast industrial barn that manages to remain homely. Move us in right now.