Videos June, 24 2014

The Real Wimbledon – Rig Out for the Fred Perry 1934 Re-Issue Collection

Rig Out partner up with yet another sports flavored brand, creating a short film for the Fred Perry “1934 Re-Issue Collection.” Five global stores, Bodega, Hanon, Oi Polloi, Foot Patrol and Firmament were invited to add their own touch to the archive shoe linked to the Perry’s historic Wimbledon win in, you’ve guessed it, 1934. Yesterday saw the first day of the British tournament and for most ‘Wimbledon’ equals middle-class strawberry botherers, watery Robinsons juice drinks and daft mums waving Union Jacks. Directed by Josh Millns and Harry Mayes, we’re reminded that Wimbledon is in fact just a bit of South West London like any other, kebab shops, rows of red brick houses and young ‘uns hanging out at bus tops.