Accessories July, 28 2014

Traditional British Bag Maker Chapman Relaunch for 2014

Cumbria’s Chapman bags announce a change with a relaunch across the entire line. Best known for their functional styles based around classic shooting and fishing carriers, the new look harks back to the old, focusing on the company’s Carlisle roots. “With origins in fishing and game bags and drawing inspiration from their historically rich surroundings, Chapman insists on using only natural materials, sourced from the highest quality suppliers.” In line with this, the brand design a fresh logo, two crossed fishing hooks representing the great outdoors and the core activities that shaped those early products. Having collaborated with the likes of Mark McNairy, 6876, Oliver Sweeney and Brompton Bikes, Chapman continue to balance contemporary with old-world  “a strong traditional identity yet desirable for the modern man.” Backpacks, satchels, holdalls and totes, all crafted by hand in their expanded Cumbrian factory, combine tough cotton canvas, military grade cotton webbing and brass hardware; accommodating items ranging from laptops to sporting equipment. “A unique finish quite unlike mass produced items.”