Denim December, 1 2014

Nudie Jeans Turns Discarded Denim into Camper Seats and Rugs

Ethical fashion has become quite the buzzword lately. We’ve seen more than a few brands taking a second look at their production process, environmental footprint and disposal methods. Nudie Jeans joins this growing list of clothiers who are environmentally aware with the introduction of Denim Maniacs, a project that explores ways to use old denim. Through the initiative, Nudie has managed to use an impressive 90% of every pair of discarded jeans, resulting in a small set objects for the home and outdoors.

First is the hand-braided In-And-Out Camper Seat, crafted from the inseam and outseam of nine pairs of rigid Nudie jeans, one belt and a leather patch. The foldable stool is simple and straightforward, available in two rugged colorways, Dark and Light Blue.

Second is the Mat, also called a “rag rug,” which makes use of leg pieces discarded from the creation of the camper. The shredded pieces of denim are woven together to form a very handsome carpet, available in two sizes, the Stor and Lill.

Take a look here for more details on Denim Maniacs and to purchase your recycled Nudie pieces. All items are limited-edition, so we suggest you act fast.