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Uncategorized Jun 6, 2012

Beams – Limited Edition – Chimayo Bears

Soft toys don’t appear too often on these pages, but this is a Beams product so it’s go to have something interesting going on. These are Chimayo patchwork bears, that New Mexico weaving hugely popular amongst vintage heads and often…

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Fashion Sep 14, 2011

Ortega Chimayo Vests

While Pendleton helped reinvigorate the Native American inspired print, Japan has been worshipping at a similar pattern church – the Chimayo, a style of weaving specific to the New Mexico town of the same name, for many years now. A …

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Fashion Oct 6, 2014

The Bold Blues of Ayuite Spring/Summer 2015

Japanese label Ayuite from designer Hiroyuki Ohara brings in all the blues for a Spring/Summer 2015 collection we can really get with. Familiar cuts including western denim shirts, ’70s mountain parkas and simple casual blazers, all given…

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Fashion May 1, 2012

Gypsy & Sons – Spring/Summer 2012 Looks

A look at Japanese brand Gypsy & Sons (a Beams favourite) for Spring/Summer 2012. Another pro-layering label, there’s something here for the basics fan as well as those who fancy something a bit outlandish. Inspired by vintage fabrics and…

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