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Fashion Nov 8, 2012

Watch | Dockers Men of Style

Dockers teams with six influential faces in the menswear world for a series of docu-style videos that capture their daily motions and routine. They talk on various subjects from style to inspiration to their love of menswear. The videos…

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Fashion Sep 28, 2012

New Styles from Dockers – Fall Winter 2012

A few new styles from Dockers for Fall Winter 2012. On the slimmer side, the popular Alpha pant gets a professor makeover with a selection of fine corduroy in earthy tones with foresty names like ‘Mule Deer’, ‘Wild Fern’ and …

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Fashion Mar 23, 2012

Dockers Autumn/Winter 2012 – Preview

The Dockers Alpha khaki has received a great deal of love from this very site. It is indeed the standout fit and look from the menswear company that brought us the “Wear the Pants” campaign back in 2010. Clearly, they …

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Fashion Mar 1, 2012

Dockers Alpha Khaki – New Color Range

So, we’ve hear some comments on our Dockers Alpha Camo khaki post that the slim fit on the Alpha line varies with color. Personally, we have not noticed much of a difference on them outside out of the raw variants …

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Fashion Feb 28, 2012

Dockers Alpha Khaki in Camo

Not to overpraise a fit but it took me some time to get into a pair of the Dockers Alpha series khaki pants and I wish I had put them on earlier. The fit is a very proper, not too …

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