Denim Nov 12, 2010

Eat Dust Clothing Heavy Duty Workwear

Eat Dust, a new motorcyle-inspired denim line from Europe, delivers its new jackets. The jackets are made of “13.25 oz double ring Japanese indigo blue selvage…
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Denim Nov 5, 2010

A Collection of Miniature Chairs

Given a shared love among Selectism of ephemera, and my own love of small furniture, “Laura Tarrish’s Collection of Miniature Chairs” is perfect Friday fodder…
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Denim Nov 3, 2010

Wood Wood DD22 Smoke Jeans

As odd as this sounds, we’ve actually been on the lookout for some olive jeans lately (don’t judge us, this is what happens when you spend most of your time…
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Denim Oct 26, 2010

Denham Store #3 London Opens

A four-story warehouse has been converted into the new Denham shop in London. This is shop “#3″ for the brand and features a wide variety of their goods and…
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Denim Oct 5, 2010

Denim Demon Bahha

When not modeling for Kangol, the duo behind Denim Demon still make time to design new garments and progress their Scandanavian tinged take on workwear. Their latest…
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Denim Sep 23, 2010

Han 50’s Classic Tapped Denim

You know what? We’re just gonna come right out and say it: we want to cheat with our denim. We know wearing them in yourself is the ‘right’ thing to do but it…
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Denim Aug 5, 2010

3sixteen+ Denim

The boys from 3sixteen and the minds behind Self Edge have come together for a new collection of goods under the 3sixteen+ moniker. “Taking the Japanese ideology…
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Denim Jul 23, 2010

(capsule) NY | Garbstore Spring 2011

Some of our favorite Garbstore pieces are those that find inspiration in mid-century athletic wear. Spring 2011 sees quite a bit of that… with fine sweatshirts…
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Denim Jul 19, 2010

Tender Denim

We’d heard about Tender for a short while now, but after finally seeing the collection up close we felt it was time to write about it. Headed by William Kroll…
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Denim Jun 7, 2010

Lanvin Denim Shirt

We’re all about (slightly) more affordable pieces of Lanvin, whether it be their footwear or pieces like this denim shirt. As far as denim shirts go this isn’t…
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Denim Jun 3, 2010

Tim Bryne | Furniture Maker

Furniture maker Tim Bryne creates furniture from re-purposed industrial parts. There’s quite a bit of this effort about… often marrying pieces that have no…
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