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4:47 pm

The Bauhaus School Gets Its Own Font


The iconic Bauhaus school never had its own corporate identity or logo since its founding 54 years ago. But this year, thanks to Studio L2M3‘s founder Sascha Lobe — who’s worked with the likes of adidas, Vitra, and Mercedes-Benz —…

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7:00 am

The Origami-Inspired Packable Oru Kayak


Many city-dwellers are plagued by the shared problem of restrictive living spaces. Residential real estate in urban areas is less than versatile at times, and San Franciscan Anton Willis discovered this immediately after attempting to place his fiberglass kayak into storage. As…

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Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

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1:15 pm

French-Made Bonded Titanium Kitchen Knives by TB Groupe


A great meal starts with two things: the best quality ingredients and the most exceptional tools. TB Groupe, a five-generation family-owned knife maker, provides the latter with its newest installment to the Furtif Evercut line. Having built a reputation around superior quality,…

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