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Partnered Story Jan 12, 2016

Getting Ahead: Super Duper Hats

The role of Florence in the Renaissance is well documented, but many aren’t aware that the city on the banks of the Arno has another claim to fame: the birthplace…
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Partnered Story Dec 28, 2015

An Eye For Detail: TYG Spectacles

With over 7,000 kilometers of coastline, Italy is blessed by geography since locals are never too far from a beach and a chance to soak up the sun’s rays. It’s…
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Partnered Story Dec 17, 2015

Making Scents Of The World: Paola Bottai

Paola Bottai has been passionate about perfume for as long as she can remember. In fact, her nose is so sensitive she used to feel ill whenever she picked up a bad…
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Partnered Story Nov 30, 2015

10 Suede Footwear Options for Winter

Although winter doesn’t officially begin until December 21, it sure feels like it here in New York. Once temperatures drop below 40 degrees, proper footwear is in…
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