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4:00 pm

Stutterheim Vladimir LBGTQ Rainbow Rubber Raincoat


Although the sun may be currently shining for some of us, rainy days will, undoubtedly and unfortunately, make several returns. With impending gloomy skies, Swedish label Stutterheim release another impeccable rubber raincoat. This particular Vladimir jacket, contrary to its rather muted equivalents,…

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Friday, February 21st, 2014

12:04 pm

Stutterheim Rubberized Cotton Car Cover for VOLVO Preview


With the help of Scandinavian rainwear specialist Stutterheim, Volvo give us a clever preview of their new concept car, the Concept Estate. The car stays hidden under a custom fitted Stutterheim rubberized cotton cover fashioned after their classic raincoat. you can buy the car cover here. The…

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