Friday, November 16th, 2012

7:15 pm

Rapha Braided Belt by Anderson’s

Rapha Braided Belt

We love Anderson’s belts and especially love their special makeups. Rapha is the latest line to work with the Italian belt maker. Rapha’s signature colors works incredibly well in the braided form. Like all Anderson’s belts, the finish features quality…

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Thursday, September 29th, 2011

3:00 pm

Andersons of Shetland Everest Jumper

Andersons of Shetland Everest Jumper

A fantastic crew neck sweater from Andersons. If you’re looking for something that’s going to be as functional as it is good looking you can’t go to wrong with this. Based on the model worn by Mallory’s Everest team, this…

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Friday, July 1st, 2011

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

7:30 pm

Anderson’s Belts


Anderson’s has been making fine belts in Parma since 1966. In 2011, they offer a fresh selection of leather goods to London’s Number Six proving a particular knack for woven leathers of spectacular color. The hit for between 55 and…

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Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

10:30 am

Anderson’s Woven Leather Belts

Selectism - andersons-woven-leather-belt-01

Belts like this make us want to turn into a fully fledged member of the ‘tuck your shirt in, son’ crew. If you’ve been following this mens blog business for a week, you’ll know all about Anderson’s so there’s no…

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Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

8:30 pm

Andersons for FrenchTrotters Belts


Frenchtrotters works with Italy’s Andersons on a series of exclusive webbed belt color-ways. The leather closure gets a branding hit making it all it’s own. Available now it would seem. More looks after the click.

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Friday, February 18th, 2011

3:30 pm

Anderson’s ’2781′ Belt

Selectism - andersons-belt-01

At this point it’s almost redundant posting up an Anderson’s belt. We say almost because, well, we’re still posting them up. This one is a little different from the ones that’s been around the blogs and ay yah yah, mainly…

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Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

8:00 pm

Anderson’s Belts for Studiohomme

Selectism - Anderson's Belts for Studiohomme

Italy’s Anderson’s works over some belts for Paris’ own Studiohomme shop. The firm’s factory, located in the (in)famous city of Parma, has been in the market since 1966. You’ll find a wide selection of leathers and looks for the gents.…

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Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

10:30 am

Anderson’s For Pointer Belts

Selectism - Pointer-x-Andersons-Belts-00

High Snob turns us onto news of Pointer’s collaboration with Anderson’s. Pointer are a brand both the HS and SL man can embrace and these belts, made by those Italian belt specialists, are a great example of why. The multicoloured…

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Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

1:30 pm

Anderson Purple Woven Belt

selectism - anderson-purple-woven-belt

We know tan woven belts are what’s hot right now, but we prefer our belts just that bit gaudier. This is one of those pieces that look a little crazy when on it’s own, but would slot right into an…

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