Design Mar 17, 2009

Elephant Lounge Chair

The Elephant Lounge Chair by Mediodesign pays homage to two iconic works by Charles and Ray Eames. Both the LCW Molded Plywood Chair and the Sculptural Elephant are…
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Furniture Feb 17, 2009

Shadow Armchair

Designed by Getano Pesce the Shadow Chair takes a free form shape from directly expanding polyurethane into fabric. The result is different every time, and…
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Design Jan 5, 2009

Norman Cherner Armchair

Norman Cherner designed this bent plywood Armchair in 1958. The unique aspect here is that the laminate is of graduated thickness, leading to a structural soundness…
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Design Aug 11, 2008

Alvar Alto Armchair 400

No excuses, we like Scandinavian design here. First produced in 1935, Alvar Alto’s arm chair 400 is packed with appealing curves. It also always an endless…
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