Shoes Aug 29, 2011

Barker Clive Loafer

The advent of the Pitti street snap has made the loafer in all its various forms the new monkstrap…or the new brogue…or the new alternative to the old saddle…
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Shoes Mar 16, 2011

Barker Nairn Shoe

While Spring is close, it’s not exactly here yet. Which means we still have to be prepared for any random downpours, a good dainite sole is a wise choice. While…
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Shoes Sep 1, 2010

Barker ‘Aden’ Derby

It’s been a while since we’ve featured some of that made in England goodness, so here’s a refresher. As much as we love Church’s and Tricker’s, we’d be…
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Shoes Nov 11, 2009

Barker ‘Brando’ Brogue

This shoe ticks all our boxes. A brogue shoe? Yep. Suede? It’s covered in it. Contrast sole and piping? Yes and yes. In fact, you couldn’t have made a more…
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