black metal serfwear

Accessories Oct 3, 2012

InAisce Ridge Pack

What’s a black metal serfer to do when he needs to haul cured mutton, gallons of mead and a raft of candles to the top of the mountain? The InAisce Ridge Pack…
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Accessories Aug 13, 2012

Thom Krom Hooded Scarf

For as much as we enjoy spelunking the glorious and cavernous realm of Black Metal Serfwear, it is a gilded expanse bearing defiant designer price tags. This Hooded…
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Fashion Jun 7, 2012

Blackbird Bifrost Shirt

Hot damn does this shirt fit. Trim not tight, good length, no breast pocket—all of these elements serve this button-up smashingly. What is more, while you cannot…
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Accessories May 7, 2012

Rick Owens Sunglasses

As we have previously noted, Rick Owens is practically a god in the realm of Black Metal Serfwear. This means he likely sits on a throne of goat skulls that hovers…
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