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Monday, September 5th, 2011

4:00 pm

Ames Hotel Boston, MA U.S.A.


A little bit of local love from me. While currently reside on the Cambridge-side of the Charles, there are certain locales which I must frequent on the other side of the river – the Boston side. It just happens that…

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Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

7:17 pm

J.Crew Opens Men’s Shop in Boston

Selectism - J.Crew Opens Men's Shop in Boston

Nice one bruv. J. Crew finally escapes from New York to lay down their first men’s store off the island. Boston gets the nod – and rightfully so. This city (I spend lots of time in Boston) is probably an…

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AJ Stephans Beverages

selectism - AJ Stephans Beverages

Labeled Boston, made in Fall River, AJ Stephans makes one hell of a ginger beer. It is one of roughly nine flavors the firm produces… to be honest, the only one we’ve tasted… and enough to suggest their claim of…

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Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

The Glass Industry in South Boston

selectism - The Glass Industry in South Boston

Until I spent several years working with some of the mega collectors of Mt. Washington Glass, my interest in the glass industry and its breadth in Massachusetts was minimal at best. However, learning about the process of manufacture and the…

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Thursday, April 16th, 2009

9:00 pm

PUMA City Lands in Boston

Selectism - PUMA City Lands in Boston

PUMA City is doing something with their 11,000 sq/ft container space that not many others have done. The idea of converting shipping containers into a retail space is not new. Switzerland’s Freitag’s did it back in 2006 with their Zurich…

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