Fashion Feb 3, 2011

Thom Browne Leather Briefcase

Pulled from the Spring/Summer 2011 collection is this Thom Browne leather brief. “Simple, uncluttered, functional, the new Thom Browne accessories collection is…
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Accessories Sep 15, 2010

Chapman Border Briefcase

A simple and classic bag from England’s Chapman line of bags. Their “Border Briefcase” is a very clean look. Some notes: “one main compartment with flap…
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Accessories Sep 1, 2010

ALKR Urban Briefcase

Here’s a bag for all you folks who have to follow a certain dress code at code (i.e. 98% of you). ALKR have been bringing out the colourful cases and laptop bags…
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Accessories Nov 5, 2009

Glenroyal Briefcase

Japanese fashion have done an amazing job of keeping companies afloat during the times when heritage hasn’t been in fashion. Scottish label Glenroyal have been…
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Accessories Jun 8, 2009

Ally Capellino Briefcase

You might have spotted that we’re quite the fans of Ally Capellino. We’ve raved about the satchels and holdalls, but her briefcases aren’t to be sniffed at…
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Accessories May 14, 2009

Lanvin Denim Briefcase

Denim works in specific situations and rarely does it work simply as a satchel. But, with the proper details denim can shine as it does with this Lanvin Briefcase…
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