Fashion Oct 11, 2011

Beams Plus Fleece Cardigan

We can’t believe we’re doing this but here goes – here’s a fleece cardigan that someone, somewhere might like. There, we said it. We thought it was an…
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Fashion Oct 7, 2011

G.R.P Brown Toggle Cardigan

“Yeah, well, that’s like your opinion man.” That’s the line we think of when we see this cardigan. Which, for us, is reason enough to buy it. (The Bureau)
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Fashion Sep 7, 2011

Margaret Howell Aran Cardigan

Aran knits aren’t always the easiest to pull off but if anyone can make them work it’s Margaret Howell. This grey 100% merino cardigan, perfect in shape and fit…
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Fashion Sep 2, 2011

Frank Leder Cardigan

Some nice Made in Germany knitwear action from Frank Leder. If you’re tiring of those paper thin cardies that end up looking a bit ‘Trendy Dad’ then this…
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Fashion Aug 31, 2011

Maison Chose Cardigan

We love a chunky cardigan. We love a pattern. So it was destined that we’d love a chunky cardigan with a pattern. Our only issue with this – and it is a big…
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Fashion Jul 18, 2011

Kolor Cardigan

Kolor’s autumn collection has just fell in stores – albeit in Japan – and it’s a perfect excuse for us to feature one of our favourite brands. We’ve…
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