Design Jul 28, 2011

TOKEN Lounge

We’d bet that right now some terrible brand is annoyed we’re showing off a chair instead of their goods: “With their Lounge chair, TOKENnyc evokes the late…
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Design May 26, 2011

Anon Pairot’s Pencil Chair

Curated turns us onto this: “Being left handed, using an pencil presents some smudgy problems. However, using pencils to make a chair doesn’t have such issue…
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Design May 17, 2011

The Elephant Chair

Here’s something else from Curated: “A partnership between Kristalia and Neuland Industriedesign studio, this dynamic chair was originally produced in 2010. Made…
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Design May 11, 2011

Chair D by Kako.Ko Design

Yanko Design has the news on what they deem the ‘perfect small apartment chair’. This Kako.Ko creation has a felt upper that can be folded so the chair goes from…
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Furniture Apr 6, 2011

Gothic Chair by Studio Job

Studio Job officially unveiled the Gothic Chair, produced by Dutch Furniture firm Moooi, at Milan Design Week 2011. The form is derived from a 16th-century side…
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