Furniture Feb 6, 2009

Sam Sannia Design

The above Ooch Chair is almost like an adult version of the quick flip ‘futon’ many of us had as children. Except, more stylish and far more practical. It comes…
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Design Jan 26, 2009

Karim Rashid Snap Back Chair

While Rashid’s work doesn’t necessarily always inspire, his design rarely fails in provoking a response. Working with Belgian Feek, Rashid has produced a…
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Design Jan 16, 2009

Oliver Schick

Based in Frankfurt, Germany, Oliver Schick designs furniture of simple form constructed with experimental materials and processes. His “walker” chair turns a…
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Design Jan 15, 2009

Eames Wire Chair

Designed in 1951, the Wire Chair from Charles and Ray Eames rose from a challenge to provide well priced, lightweight and durable furniture. Bent wire proved their…
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Design Jan 14, 2009

Peter Traag’s Sponge Chair

Growing up, a baseball glove chair was the ultimate dream. In retrospect, the desire for a comfortable brown leather arm chair would have been more appropriate, and…
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Design Jan 13, 2009

Customizable Fiberglass Chair

Inmod takes the ID model and applies it to an Eames style fiberglass chair. The options are pretty limited – you get a few colors, three types of leg and a few…
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Design Jan 6, 2009

Groag Chair

Having your home look like a specific page from the ikea catalogue out is a common problem for most young homemakers. The solution? Buy one or two more expensive…
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Design Dec 29, 2008

Qui Lounge Chair

Designed by Stafania Andorlini for TF-Polstermobel, the sensual curves of the Qui Lounge Chair bring an refined sensibility beyond the simple sling back…
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