Fashion Mar 11, 2010

Wood Wood Chambray Shirt

If, on the off chance, you’re still looking for a chambray shirt, make it one like this. And by ‘like this’, we mean one that has a couple of nice details –…
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Fashion Aug 21, 2009

YMC Bow Tie Chambray Shirt

What’s with high street retailers spelling chambray with an e? It’s not technically wrong, but the only folks who seem to do it are Topman and ASOS. It’s…
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Fashion Jun 2, 2009

Neil Barrett Chambray Shirt

In case you hadn’t noticed, Chambray’s pretty popular right now. We’ve seen every style you could think of – from shawl collars to see through patterns –…
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Fashion Aug 10, 2008

Beams+ Chambray Work Shirt

Beams+ is part of the Japanese retailer Beams, and operates under the "American Life Shop" slogan. The shop brings American brands with heritage to Japan and…
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