Accessories Apr 1, 2011

Tanner Goods Coasters

Show off your menswear fanaticism through the medium of coasters. It’s the best way to do so. Any dates you have over are sure to be very impressed. Or have no…
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Accessories Mar 16, 2011

Palette Drink Coasters

Bring that warehouse look back onto your coffee table with these palette drink coasters. Designboom tells us: Spain based design duo Labyrinth have scaled down the…
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Design Mar 3, 2011

Vibram Coasters

In the “why not” category comes these drink (?) coasters from Vibram. Most likely made from factory waste/excess materials, these coasters add superb grip to…
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Art Dec 31, 2009

Happy New Decade 2010

Wishing all our readers, sponsors, and friends the best in 2010. Celebrate safely. We know Hong Kong is doing well! Welcome to the new decade. Here’s our coaster…
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