Fashion Apr 19, 2011

Perks and Mini Cord Jacket

It’s the wrong time for us to looking at anything corduroy but here we are. We do like the thought of this jacket (especially the buttons) but we’re also…
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Fashion Dec 10, 2010

APC Petit Standard Cords

If there’s one scourge in menswear it’s that of the skinny jeans on non-skinny people. So, it’s with trepidation that we recommend these rather slim cords…
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Fashion Nov 18, 2010

Wood Wood Eland Cords

While we’re not pulling out the cords just yet, we are giving it some thought. Everyone and their aunt should have a pair of beige cords by now, so some grey ones…
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Fashion Nov 5, 2010

Uniqlo Corduroy Shirt

Uniqlo’s cord shirts have dropped for this season and they’ve added a couple of good looking new colourways to the fold. This light blue colour will slot in…
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