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Denim Oct 5, 2010

Denim Demon Bahha

When not modeling for Kangol, the duo behind Denim Demon still make time to design new garments and progress their Scandanavian tinged take on workwear. Their latest…
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Fashion Oct 1, 2009

Denim Demon “Trajja Herk”

With a nod to Sami culture, the “Trajja Herk” sweater from Denim Demon continues the brands progression with garments that complement the core product. This item…
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Denim Sep 9, 2009

Denim Demon | Ware Out Project

If you remember our feature on Denim Demon, you will recall the origins of the “Ware Out” project. In order to replicate real ware, Denim Demon supplied seven…
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Denim Feb 2, 2009

Denim Demon Fall 2009 Preview

We got a glimpse into the Fall 2009 Denim Demon Collection in Frankfurt last weekend and we’re quite happy to say they they’re dipping their hands beyond denim…
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Denim Jan 4, 2009

Denim Demon Spring/Summer 2009

Sweden’s Denim Demon takes two avenues of inspiration to arrive at a single point for their Spring/Summer 2009 collection. A passion for authentic workwear and…
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Denim Nov 5, 2008

Denim Demon Jeans

The quest for original washes in jeans is usually an arduous one. Either the jeans are too over treated – giving off a bad Springsteen impersonator vibe – or…
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